This Is How Valuation Will Look Like In 10 Years Time

Teething is you know what about anything else is there anything else that you know of at the moment anything you’ve got that’s about to come online and that will happily tell you oh yeah you know I’ve got something coming on next week sat down with the vendor today and they sign the papers and we’re just taking the photos now etc etc you know they want a quick sale and so they’re more than happy to talk.

so in order to actually start to get those conversations going and to sort of build their networks there what you need to doss call a lot of agents service in the area that you’re looking at and ask them if they have you know anything they’re about to list just talk to them about-the area talk to them about you know how how their transaction is going there recently talked about yields talk about the people.

That live there talk about rental demand everything like that because they obviously know a lot about it be careful Melbourne Property Valuers though that you know one agent can give you a wildly different set of opinions to another you know some people are very optimistic some people are very pessimistic some people perhaps lie bit too much so be careful taking wanna put one person’s opinion as the gospel get sort of a consensus opinion once you’ve spoken to enough agents you’ll know the real feeling of the area and you’ll be able to tell that some.

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