The Secret History Of Property Valuation

This level the advantage is the most technical of the great so you known contrast to the cops analysis which is basically stocks this is based on our model based on what we actually has to make the group produced from cash independent of with witnessed rockets so very different surprise it all these techniques come from a different perspective so if you do a model based on cash and you come.

up with a valuation range and you compare that with a model based on the stock market prices chichis completely independent this they both come to the Property Valuation Perth simple evaluation pretty good here and that’s where we should be back disadvantage is the beauties imagine one major one is is the company’s projected cash flow so you protect the cast for the first five seven ten years everything after that we come up with this terminal value is representative of the value of the business from year seven two out opportunity.

That’s a large portion of the value of business and that’s based on just multiple whole or in the state of girl truly formula so although the first two years by technical the rest could be quite arbitrary so we’ll talk about the different techniques will talk about this little easier those are the three major techniques cops feed bags PF , space in the market pages based on past acquires and DECAFS based on your lob we’re going to go through each of these methods for long are we gonna dig into it in detail and hopefully help figure out the terminal works almost there should be and see how that compares to the streets any questioning.


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