How Can You Start a Property Investment Business?

Deals a combined sourcing webinar on the potty sourcing page and takes all the way through to and negotiating property and today we on the due diligence side which is value in properties we covered it due consideration to the tender previously and that was really good gauge know what the vendor want understanding hesitation that webinars on here on the negotiation Hand and Eddie in the a couple a weeks time we gonna be covered if you look at the diary pages minutes to get outwith the next liven eyes on the property valuation melbourne cost Novembers actually nothing in October on this C’s which is how we secure property deal so will talk you through the differences between option agreements.

exchange a car contacts lockout agreements and yeah and and things like that non-disclosure agreements known circumvention at the met said all what you everything you need to know on how to secure up the deal said you want to click that link on the diary page and book your place in for dismemberment one and that the great we’ll send out reminder beforehand to spell so to disclose some the stab snaps ladies impacting on man tenet little bit and we go back to and the slides so today’s about them the search Ono.

one slid endue diligence they said a national qualification that’s right light slides okay the reason I hesitated then it’s because we didn’t have been all couple weeks ago which is negotiation and understanding in situation sand it’s a great topic but clearly there is a slight overlap between understanding the situation and the type the two digits that we need to do type questions we need to ask the vendor accept checks to get enough information so this little bit but I did not between these two they’ve been asked and I think that’s good because hopefully it will help you understanding the at the situation you know this isn’t just a little we just taking penned I been made up some you know stuff that might irrelevant this is based on you know when I had that the property and leave them told in ad-lobbed I about you in a hall your idea could do completing a dike women negotiation on forty to sixty leads a dying so.

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